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Keywords are a crucial part of any kind of content. And for the betterment of your SEO rank, putting the right keywords in the right places is the first important thing in any content. Depending on the perfect keywords, Search Engine Pages decide the rank of a particular website or content. But how can someone be perfectly accurate of their keywords? Well, certainly it cannot be. And that is why; you need the help of SEO tools online.

At SEO SEO TOOLS, our ‘Keyword Position Checker’ is a free tool that analyses your content, chosen keywords and decides the compatibility of such content on different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. All you have to do is to put your domain name, keywords names and mention the position of such checking e.g. up to how many words you want to check. Afterwards, you will get the result within minutes. And with the help of such tool, you can have some permutation-combination and can decide in which places the keywords will be perfect to bring a better SEO rank.

Having a good SEO rank is not easy. But if you are good with your keyword positioning, know that half of your work is done there. So, put your keywords and check compatibility with SEO SEO TOOLS. Happy Checking!